Len Depas Photography


There is no greater feeling than knowing that the images captured on your wedding day will be able to induce a sea of emotions when looking back at them 20 years from now. Washington DC photojournalist Len DePas is a professional in the field of capturing pristine detail whether it’s from your wedding day or fashion shoot.

Len DePas is not only a wedding portraits photographer ,but a worldwide commissioned photojournalist as well. Len DePas has immaculate attention to detail and can showcase a Chef’s finest dishes with the correct lighting and snap of the shutter. From exhibiting the finest dining across the globe to the more fascinating architecture, Washington DC photojournalist Len DePas can create art from the simplest of subjects.

With the specialty of Len DePas being his skill as a wedding portraits photographer in Washington DC, each element of your wedding day is sure to be embraced. Contact Len DePas Photography and see things through the eyes of an award winning artist and photojournalist.